A fine English violin by Daniel Parker, London circa 1715, the "Ex-Francais"

Bearing the spurious label of Bernardo Calcanius.

Length of back: 360mm

Sold with our certificate.

Daniel Parker is noted as the only violin maker working outside of Italy to be directly influenced by Stradivari during Stradivari’s lifetime. This violin is modeled on the full-length ‘long pattern’ adopted by Stradivari for most of his instruments from 1690 to about 1695, but has been combined with a higher arching influenced by earlier Cremonese instruments.

The violin has a distinguished history from the late twentieth century when it was erroneously celebrated as a very fine Mantuan violin by Camillus Camilli, and a favourite instrument of the late Jacques Francais, from whose estate it was sold in 2001.