An early English violin probably by George Miller, Bishopsgate, c.1675.

An interesting early English violin, probably by George Miller, Bishopsgate, circa 1675.

Length of back: 350mm
Upper Bout: 168mm
Middle Bout: 114mm
Lower Bout: 205mm
Stop length: 191mm

Several violins exist by this hand, typified by the double purfling and intricate purfled design in the back of the instrument, and whose other features otherwise distinguish them from either the work of Pamphilon or Urquhart. The geometric matrix of the design suggests that the maker was familiar with viol-making of the same period and the varnish provides a convincing match with labelled English viols by George Miller.

The violin is presented in baroque setup, and is a rare and interesting example from the period. It has undergone significant restoration and is priced accordingly.

HEBB14012 Miller (10)