A good contemporary viola by Steffen Nowak, Bristol, 2014. After Gaspar da Salo.

I’ve known Steffen since my first days in the violin trade, and have admired the respect that he has earned for his instruments. Steffen’s work is certainly amongst the cleanest that I have seen, and his aim is always to make  instruments to look as they would have appeared when they were first made. His attention to craftsmanship, and especially his passion for sound produce some very enjoyable instruments to play. This viola is based on an original, made by Gaspar da Salo around 1580-1600. As his instruments age naturally over time, I think they will come to be considered amongst the classics of contemporary British making.

Labelled “Steffen Nowak fecit Bristol 2014” and branded internally “S.NOWAK”. Additionally labelled “Gafparo da Salo in Brescia″

Length of Back: 422mm (1 5/8 inches)
Upper Bouts: 230mm
Middle Bouts: 137mm
Lower Bouts: 241mm
Stop Length: 220mm