A fine contemporary violin by Neil Ertz, after Peter Guarneri of Mantua, Cambridge 2008.

Amongst connoisseurs of Cremonese violins, Peter Guarneri ‘of Mantua’ is spoken about as the one violin maker who excelled above Stradivari. The only problem is that he was called to the ducal court at Mantua for his skills as a musician in 1685, and was able to make few violins after that point. I’ve had the pleasure of handling several original instruments by this maker, and Neil’s copy, based on a violin of 1704 proves to be a masterly interpretation of the key points of Guarneri’s style. The violin has had a distinguished playing history since it was made and has come to us as the last owner was looking to upgrade. My experience of instruments of this bolder pattern is that they tend to give a slightly more mature sound than a straightforward flat-arched Stradivari or del Gesu copy.

Labelled “Neil Kristof Ertz / 2008”

Length of Back: 355mm
Upper Bouts:166mm
Middle Bouts: 119mm
Lower Bouts: 203mm
Stop Length: 195mm



Peter Guarneri strad poster