A fine Anglo-Hungarian violin by Szepessy Bela, London 1889

Bela Szepessy trained under Nemessanyi in Hungary, moving to Vienna before settling in London from 1882 to 1916. His work is important to English making because he introduced the very fine standards of Austro-Hungarian making to England with a profound effect on English makers who followed. This violin from 1889 is preserved in immaculate condition, and is made to his large ‘del Gesu’ model. Even after seven years working in London, his styling and varnish remain resolutely Hungarian in conception. The flat and broad modelling of this violin give it a penetrating and powerful tone. His violins have something of a cult following amongst English musicians.


Labelled: “Szepessy Bela / London 1889” and numbered 52.

Length of Back: 359mm
Upper Bouts: 167mm
Middle Bouts: 120mm
Lower Bouts: 210mm
Stop Length: 193mm