A good contemporary viola after Scarampella by Philippe Briand, London 2009.

Phillippe Briand’s viola was made after being inspired by the restoration of an original example by Stefano Scarampella, made in Mantua around 1900. The instrument is enormous both physically and tonally, proving to be a very compelling and exciting viola.The abnormal choice of wood and the dry-looking varnish all relate very accurately to Scarampella’s original work, and Phillippe avoids the usual pitfalls and assumptions that violin makers fall for when interpreting the late Mantuan school: It maintains the required high standards of craftsmanship, leaving the rustic appearance only to the model and choice of materials. As a result the instrument is highly accomplished for it’s kind. I’m hoping to ask him to make another very soon.

Labelled “Philippe Briand / Alto No.1 Modelle Scarampella / Fair a Londres 2009”

Length of Back: 419mmmm (16 1/2 inches)
Upper Bouts: 203mm
Middle Bouts: 138mm
Lower Bouts: 253mm
Stop Length: 225mm