A fine German violoncello by Ludwig Neuner, Berlin, 1875

Ludwig Neuner was the most distinguished violin maker from an important dynasty of instrument makers. He left Mittenwald to work with Andreas Englander in Munich, and thereafter for Gabriel Lembock in Vienna, before moving to Paris to work with Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume for six years from 1861. In 1867 he established his own business in Berlin. This violoncello is an exceptionally fine example from his Berlin period revealing Vuillaume’s direct influence. The cello is modelled after Stradivari of about the period 1710, and has tonal properties that closely compare to the finest Parisian work of it’s period.


Labelled “Ludwig Neuner, Berlin anno 1875”

Length of Back: 755mm

Upper Bouts: 337mm

Middle Bouts: 236mm

Lower Bouts: 434mm

Stop Length: 400mm