An Irish violin by Perry & Wilkinson, Dublin 1824.

I have now seen several violins and cellos made for Perry and Wilkinson in Dublin during the 1820s that bear a very strong relationship to Richard Tobin despite the fact that he had left Dublin for London sometime before 1810, posing a question of whether he returned to Dublin for a short while, or whether another maker in the Perry and Wilkinson workshop travelled to London, learning from Tobin and other London makers whilst he was there. Certainly the scroll of this violin is not to the usual standard found in Tobin’s work, but the strength of the violin and its relationship to Tobin rests in it’s overall modelling as a copy of Nicolo Amati. Other violins from the Perry and Wilkinson workshop tend to be quite predictable flat-arched instruments with no specific relationship to classical models.

The instrument is in original condition, including the original classical-period ebony pegs and a bridge which came with the violin that we judge to be of the period it was made and thus original. Though it is quite a late date for a ‘classical setup’ it is a very good example of a kind of London setup that was effectively unchanged from about the 1760s.

Labelled “Made by/Thos Perry & Wm Wilkinson/Musical Instrument Makers/No1 Anglesea Street/Dublin 1824” and numbered 4639. Stamped “PERRY/DUBLIN” on the back.