A fine violin by George Craske, Snow's Hill, circa 1835 after Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu

After Craske’s legendary meeting with Paganini in 1832, he moved towards making Guarneri inspired violins, of which this is an early example. The instrument is made to his standard enlarged form, with characteristic flat arching and stylised del Gesu soundholes. The violin is unusual for having a scroll made by Craske, who later abandoned head carving in favour of buying in ready-made parts. A very fine and characteristic example with a strong and powerful tone.

Labelled: “Made by George Craske/(born 1793, died 1888),/and sold by/William E. Hill & Sons, London.”
Length of back: 362mm
Upper bouts: 172mm
Middle bouts: 116mm
Lower bouts: 209mm