A fine contemporary violin by Jacek Wesolowski after Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu.

I’m delighted to offer this copy of the 1744 “Ole Bull” for sale. Jacek Wesolowski worked for a number of years for J&A Beare Ltd before returning to Gdansk in Poland to establish his own business. Jacek’s copy of the Ole Bull is a very fine interpretation attempting to emulate the presentation of the instrument when it was new. Ole Bull copies are typically highly antiqued, and the antiquing compliments the extremely erratic form of the soundholes. However, in this case he has taken numerous references from extremely-well preserved violins by del Gesu. Influence of the tiny 1735 “Chardon” dancing-master’s violin gives indication of the extremely crisp edgework, whilst the 1742 “Alard” and the 1741 “Vieuxtemps” each help to inform his observational style. The dry red varnish is unexpected on Guarneri copies, because original examples are seldom found for comparison, but once again the texture and overall appearance give the impression of how a del Gesu violin would have looked in the first decades of its life.