A fine Anglo-French violin by Auguste Delunet, London circa 1890

Auguste Delunet was amongst the legendary French violin makers recruited by W.E. Hill & Sons in 1880 to work under the direction of Charles-Fran├žois Langonet. Delunet’s violins are rare, but his technique for antiquing can be found on various repairs and replaced parts of instruments that passed through the Hill workshop. The Voller brothers and other fakers of the period in London adopted a technique of mixing elements from different Italian schools to create a kind of Italianate pastiche of which this is an example. There overall model is of Nicolo Gagliano, but the visually extravagant wood of the back is reminiscent of G.B. Guadagnini or some of the late Cremonese makers. Overall an excellent example of early twentieth century London making, with a fine, dark and mellow tone.