A very fine viola by Jack Lott, London circa 1840

Jack Lott numbers amongst the most famous of all nineteenth-century makers, and possibly the greatest faker of Cremonese instruments in history. His repertoire following Guarneri del Gesu is well known, but his attempts at copying Stradivari are much rarer. In this case, he has taken a violin from the early 1720s – perhaps the Lady Blunt of 1721 – as his prototype and imagined a perfect sixteen-inch viola design. Simply one of the most beautiful violas I have seen in a long time, with an easy response and exceptional resonance. A beauty.

Jack Lott's dazzling interpretation of Stradivari's varnish in very pure and fine preservation.

Jack Lott’s dazzling interpretation of Stradivari’s varnish in very pure and fine preservation.