A fine French violoncello by Laurent Bourlier (III), Mirecourt, circa 1820

Laurent Bourlier came from one of the more established families of violin makers in Mirecourt, with a legacy going back to the middle of the eighteenth century. Some of his labels declare an association with Nicolas Lupot – more accurately “Bourlier / Apr├Ęs N.Lupot” and this violoncello goes some considerable distance towards vindicating the claim. The model is very flat and powerful in keeping with Lupot and some of the principal Parisian makers of the early 1800s, perhaps reminding me closer the work of Aldric than Lupot, but nevertheless solidly Parisian in it’s modelling. The lighter varnish, and choice of plainer wood distance it from Parisian work and make it characteristic of the very best of Mirecourt work of the early nineteenth century, before the village centred on factory production.

It is very pleasing to be able to represent cellos of this quality, having much of the properties of the finest French workmanship at price reflecting it’s Mirecourt origins.

Bourlier cello stamp