A composite violin, the front by Giuseppe Gagliano and other parts by later family members, Naples c.1770 and later

This composite violin may have been put together in the W.E. Hill & Sons workshop around 1900 since it completed with a very fine head by Charles Francois Langonet, the foreman of the workshop. The back and ribs come from a late Gagliano violin probably by Giovanni and Antonio made shortly after 1800, but the front is a very good and typical example from the middle of the eighteenth-century with a strong dendrochronological cross-match to other violins of the Gagliano family and stylistically closest to Giuseppe Gagliano from about 1770.

The violin is recently restored, and very fine sounding with a clear and direct tone that is very typical for instruments of this calibre, but a real “player’s instrument” affording an excellent opportunity to own an example of classical period Italian making at a fraction of the normal cost.