Handmade violoncello by the Atelier Meteney, Brussels. £8,000

Our Atelier Meteney and Ateliers de la Dyle instruments are made by the same workshop outside Brussels. The difference comes in the careful selection of materials and the extra time and effort made to produce a more finished product. I feel that the extra effort makes all the difference and produces a recognisably higher quality.

We have been looking for the ideal professional ‘second’ cello on the market for under £5000 and instruments by Les Ateliers de la Dyle is the best cello we’ve found for the price, making it a fabulous intermediate instrument to take students all the way through grade 8, and into university or amateur orchestras.

Les Ateliers de la Dyle instruments are handmade in Europe, finished in the Meteny workshops in Brussels and setup to our exacting standards for sale in London. In my opinion, probably the best handmade cellos available. We are exclusive London importers of these instruments and normally have one or two available to try.