A contemporary violoncello from Atelier Meteney's Luthiers de la Dyle. £4,500

My newly made instruments by les Ateliers de la Dyle serve as a consistent benchmark for quality upon which we judge all other student-range instruments that come into the shop. They are made to a variety of models, but this particular kind is reminiscent of English making of the 1780-1800 period and very appealing to me. For many years I have been looking for the ideal cello that would appeal to professional musicians as a second-instrument for taking on tour with the idea that an instrument that meets these standards would make a superb instrument for advancing students and amateur musicians.

Les Ateliers de la Dyle instruments are handmade in Europe under rigorous quality control, and are hand-finished in the Meteny workshops near Brussels before being set up in the UK to our exacting standards for sale in London, priced at £4,500

These instruments are made in relatively small numbers to maintain quality control, and the Atelier Meteney cellos that we also stock are made in the same workshop but with carefully selected wood a higher quality of oil varnish, still representing commendable value for money competitively priced at £8,000. Violins and violas also in stock.