A good French violoncello by Jean-Baptiste Chipot-Vuillaume, Paris circa 1880.

Jean-Baptiste Chipot (1847-1892) was born in Mirecourt and apprenticed under Derazey before working in the Colin-Mezin workshop. In 1870 he married the daughter of a shoemaker, Stella Vuillaume with no direct relationship to the family of J.B. Vuillaume, nevertheless he rather mischievously exploited the name for his own benefit as Jean-Baptiste Chipot-Vuillaume, establishing a small workshop under that name. After his death Charles Drouin took over the workshop and continued the brand-name, though producing instruments to a slightly lesser standard.

This violoncello is a good example of J.B. Chipot-Vuillaume’s work, based on the same B-forma Stradivari model that passes through Derazey from Vuillaume, with strong flat arching that gives it a bold rich sound. The instrument is slightly heavily built but the payback of the extra weight provides for a somewhat richer quality of tone with stunning clarity on the A-string.

Condition notes: The cello has a few minor cracks on the belly that have been well repaired. The scroll is in keeping in the instrument, but later affording a proportionate reduction in price.