A very fine English violin by Joseph Panormo, London circa 1820

A very fine English violin by Joseph Panormo (circa 1768 – 1837) worked alongside his father for almost all of his career, but his individual style becomes more apparent, as does that of his brother George after the early 1800s. This particular example is a very studied copy of an earlier Neapolitan violin by Nicolo Gagliano, finely detailed all the way down to the Neapolitan ‘two-by-two’ peg positioning and as can be seen from a side by side comparison of the violin against Nicolo’s work illustrated below.

A very rare example in such fine condition. This violin responds well with softer strings producing a beautiful and rich tone. It is preserved in near-perfect condition.

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Comparison of Joseph Panormo’s Gagliano copy of 1820 against a violin by Nicolo Gagliano from approximately 1760.