The Spur Semi-Acoustic Violin

A conversation between a Jazz musician and a luthier sparked the beginning of a quest to produce an ideal violin for on-stage performance more than twenty years ago. The luthier in question was Paul Davies from Australia, the violinist was St├ęphane Grappelli. I’ve been really proud to be involved in the last four years of Paul’s epic quest to produce an ideal semi-acoustic violin, with fundamental sound qualities that relate to fine playing violins, but with the versatility to take it on stage, and as a foundation for exploring the uncharted depths that electronic music has to offer.

The spur system works on a specially designed transducer fitted around the soundpost that responds to the same internal body resonances of the instrument that give an ordinary violin its characteristic full and rich sound, and a process of re-engineering the instrument with shorter ribs, a flat back and a single soundhole all contribute to cutting out resonances that cause feedback and other problems familiar to instruments played with a transducer.

At present we only have a prototype at the studio. Please enquire to try it out. We expect to receive the first production batch in a few months time, including violas and cellos.

To see the first production prototype in Europe being taken through its paces by Peter Shepperd-Skaerved, watch here.