A good English violin by Richard Brueckner, London 1902.

Richard Bruckner was chiefly a restorer of violins, and consequently his instruments are rare and very little is know of his life. From around 1880 he and his brother Franz established a workshop in Berlin, and by 1900 Richard had moved to London. The violin is a very neatly put together Stradivari copy finished with an amber oil varnish which is very typical for good quality violins made in England for the London trade around the 1890s. The rather generous chamfers on the scroll are the one area where the violin refers back to high-quality German making, but the clean overall aesthetic sits firmly amongst the kind of work produced around the various Wardour Street workshops in London. A fine and very clean instrument with a strong, bright tone.


Condition notes: The violin is in a perfect state of preservation and recently setup to an excellent standard.