Jonathan Hill

A fine contemporary viola d'amore by Jonathan Hill

This viola d’amore is copied from a very fine example in the Victoria and Albert Museum, made by Jean Nicolas Lambert (and sold by his widow in 1772), one of the most outstanding Parisian makers of his day. Jonathan’s instrument is typical of the very high standards of workmanship and acute observational skills that I have come to expect in his work. Quite simply, it is the finest viola d’amore by a contemporary maker that I have seen in many years.


Perry & Wilkinson

An Irish violin by Perry & Wilkinson, Dublin 1824.

Although Perry & Wilkinson were closely associated with both Richard Tobin and Vincenzo Panormo during their periods in Dublin, Perry & Wilkinson’s work tends to be predictable and formulaic adopting a flat arched model. In the 1820s there is a sudden revival in their work, with delicate Amatise instruments appearing. Although Richard Tobin moved to London around 1810 and remained there, the cause of this change in Irish making appears to be accountable to him. Perhaps he returned briefly to Dublin, or an associate travelled between the two cities. Whichever way, these late Perry & Wilkinson instruments compare strongly to Tobin’s London work, and are some of the finest instruments built on classical models to come out of Ireland.