Auguste Delunet

A fine Anglo-French violin by Auguste Delunet, London circa 1890

Auguste Delunet was amongst the legendary French violin makers recruited by W.E. Hill & Sons in 1880 to work under the direction of Charles-François Langonet. Delunet’s violins are rare, but his technique for antiquing can be found on various repairs…


Paul Bailly

A 16 inch Anglo-French viola by Paul Bailly, London circa 1890

This viola made in London by a French pupil of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume is a highly refined sixteen-inch interpretation of Brescian work, it has loudness, brightness and enormous versatility. An unexpected instrument for either an English or French pedigree, in many respects the outcome anticipates some of the most exciting Italian making of the early twentieth century.


William Taylor

A good English violin by William Taylor, London circa 1800

There is considerable speculation that William Taylor was a pupil of Vincenzo Panormo. His most distinguished specimens, of which this is a good example, adopt a good Golden-period Stradivari pattern. The violin is a very charming violin with a rich, dark sound with plenty of power.