Kai-Thomas Roth

A fine contemporary violoncello after Matteo Goffriller

Kai’s violoncello has enjoyed a distinguished professional career over the last decade, and was recently replaced by it’s first owner with a Vuillaume: Higher praise is difficult to come by. This copy of a Venetian cello by Matteo Goffriller has…


Andrew Sutherland

A fine contemporary violoncello after Domenico Montagnana

Andrew copied a cut-down original by the might Venetian maker, Domenico Montagnana. The narrowed proportions provide an extremely successful model which is reflected in this copy. A great looking and great sounding instrument with great depth and reserves of sound.


A Good Baroque Cello

A good early nineteenth-century Mirecourt cello in baroque setup

A good entry-level baroque cello which took the last owner through conservatoire and into the profession. The instrument was made in Mirecourt in the first half of the nineteenth-century, and has an original setup that is quite close to late-eighteenth…