Charles Frank Langonet

A superb English violin by Charles Frank Langonet, London 1926

Charles François Langonet came to London in 1880 to become foreman of the workshop at W.E. Hill & Sons, after which his son Charles Frank followed. Most of his violin making work was directly for Hills, but violins occasionally come…


George Wulme Hudson

A fine English violin after Carlo Giuseppe Testore, London circa 1940

George Wulme Hudson made instruments to different qualities according to the priorities and circumstances of each opportunity. Over the years I have seen several examples of his most deceptive work, all coming from the United States of America with provenances…


George Wulme Hudson

A fine English violin by George Wulme Hudson, Chessington, circa 1900 ascribed to Giovanni Baptista Pallencia.

George Wulme Hudson used the pseudonym Giovanni Baptista Pallencia for violins made as an amalgam of different styles. In this example, the fictional Pallencia is stated to be a pupil of Gagliano working in Milan. The violin takes it’s inspiration from Nicolo Gagliano’s work, especially in respect of the soundholes and overall boldness of the arching, but he appears to have opted for a Guadagnini (though probably of the Turin period, not from Milan) to inspire the edgework, choice of wood and overall form. The result is a violin that sits between different schools, and to an extent is the ‘perfect fake’ because it is plausibly Italian without requiring too much comparison with any particular maker. However, it is signed inside, and discretely on the label. An exceptional English violin with a powerful projecting sound.