The overall quality of contemporary violin making has transformed over the last generation. An increasing number of craftsmen are producing instruments of exceptional merit, benefiting from increasing knowledge and methods of studying original Cremonese masterpieces, and a growing culture of sharing information. Fine contemporary instruments provide a compelling choice for musicians on a budget, and frequently outperform antique instruments at the same price-point. They may present an ideal choice for students aspiring towards music college. Meanwhile many of the world’s professional orchestral musicians will opt for a modern instrument for use when touring or playing abroad, and an increasing number of soloists have taken the stage with newly made violins.


We offer the opportunity to compare violins by a number of established makers alongside older instruments of the same value and we believe that by providing instruments by a range of different makers we offer the best opportunity to make an informed decision when choosing a new instrument. The group of instrument makers who we represent are handpicked because of their quality and enduring reputation with musicians. In many cases these are makers who we have known for more than a decade, but we are always interested in promoting new talent.


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