A portrait of Nicholas Lanier of outstanding importance to British Art..

We were delighted to be invited to contribute to the study, Nicholas Lanier: A Portrait Revisited, following the discovery of this extremely important English portrait of Nicholas Lanier, the art connoisseur and musician who became the first Master of the King’s Musick during the reign of Charles I. The portrait had formerly been identified as the work of afollower of Anthony van Dyck and at some time had passed for his original work, but closer inspection revealed that it came from the decade before van Dyck’s arrival in England, was painted by a collaboration of the finest artists of the English court, and served as a precursor for the artistic style that he came to typify. Our work began with an examination of the lute and evolved into a full analysis of the musical metaphors hidden within the painting. We are grateful to the Weiss Gallery for inviting us to participate in one of the most important discoveries in early English art of the past century.

An accompanying separate article published by Oxford University Press in Early Music is available to read here.

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