Our involvement in the 2013 Stradivarius Exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum..


We were enormously privileged to be involved in the 2013 ‘Stradivarius’ exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford guest-curated by Charles Beare. It provided an opportunity to give our lecture on the year 1690, the most influential year in Stradivari’s life that led to the wonderful creations of his golden period. Of the numerous tours of the exhibition that we gave, an extended tour to a delegation from the Comité International des Museés et Collections d’Instruments de Musique (CIMCIM), a division of UNESCO’s International Council of Museums (ICOM) was perhaps the hardest lecture we have given to date. Benjamin Hebbert regularly lectures at the Ashmolean Museum on a range of subjects from Stradivari and the Messiah to topics for children during Science and Technology Week.