A good violin bow by Thomas Tubbs, London, circa 1840.

Thomas may have been the earliest bow maker of the Tubbs dynasty, born to a family of silk weavers in Bethnal Green in 1790, his reputation is overshadowed in the early nineteenth-century by the Dodd family for whom he supplied bows and who probably trained him. His work traverses an incredible range of quality and design, but this bow is typical of his successful Tourte-inspired model from which his best bows derive. The bow is stamped at the end of the handle T TUBBS as is expected of him, and the accentuated tip of the bow is a feature that typifies his work. Ivory facings are relatively rare for him and are also an indication of the high quality that he considered this bow to be. The frog and adjuster are later replacements in a suitable style and the bow is priced accordingly. Weight, 57 grams.